Business Planning

We love working with small or emerging businesses as well as Community Organisations.

Well prepared Business Plans are the basis to successfully achieving goals whether in business or as an organisation.  They are also the basis for successful funding or award submissions. 

Add a professional approach to your business or project with well constructed marketing & planning documents or feasibility studies. These will assist with your capability to successfully plan for your business future, secure funding, investors or government support.

We can also help you develop strategic plans based on your organisation’s goals as well as operational plans and budgets.

Our Services Include

Project Proposals | Plans | Acquittals

Award Submissions

Business Plans

Marketing Strategies

Operational Planning

Strategic Planning

Community Engagement | Planning

Art & Cultural Planning

Feasibility Studies

Grant Writing

Award Submissions

The opportunities that can grow from being a finalist or winner in an awards program are highly advantageous.

Business owners are always busy people and sometimes are not best placed to write their own award submissions and having someone who understands how to present a business to a panel of judges provides a better opportunity to be seen.

Grant Writing is a task that most businesses or organisations don’t have the time for or may not have the in-house skills to negotiate the red tape of lengthy and complicated Government applications or tenders. Read more about Jan’s background in grant fund management and submission writing.

My dealings with Jan have been nothing short of outstanding. In particular having witnessed Jan’s skills in single handedly planning and executing an event with short time scales which exceeded all expectations. Jan demonstrates the very rare ability to connect to community and cause, combined with an exceptional ability to communicate and execute. This combines to deliver the highest results regardless of whether the need is for business or community. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jan and go as far to say your outcomes will dramatically improve with Jan on the team.


Director, Global Accounts Australia at Dell